Putting the Swagger in Wagon

Giving the people what they want:  A video of me and my stellar moves.  I wore the same pants that I wear in all my videos so that you will know that yes, it’s still me and yes,  I still have cutting edge moves. Also, I like that the pants fit big like Jyncos and over emphasize my skinny-ness.  I also LOVE this camera angle that makes me look like I’m 20 pounds and 7’2″ feet of a lanky 12 year old with a man’s haircut.

I used a professional lighting artist for this video as you can see by the dark look of the video.  Basically, I really stepped up my game for this video, as always.

This rapper of this song is named Pro and he has probably always dreamed of his songs being used by stay-at-home moms to show off their vans.  I think the song emphasizes how fashionable vans can be.

As I was walking outside with my camera and laptop, Lance said don’t do anything silly or embarassing.  I think he will be pleased by how conservative his wife can be while dancing outside in the neighborhood.  Good job to me.

I love my van.  I will now show you through interpretive dance.  This is my love song to my Honda.

Not everyone gets to see something like this.  It’s like an eclipse.


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