Finding Out 4 And Other Things That Sound Like Jokes


If the fact that I’m pregnant with my 4th ever crosses your mind, and you find yourself shocked, so do I.  I find myself shocked when I say things like:

“I’m pregnant.”

“I’m 8 weeks.”

“I have a doctor’s appointment for an ultrasound.”


“I am going to have 4 kids in 6 years.”

I find myself thinking, “What is happening?  Is this real life?  Do my kids who apparently have a direct line to God who prayed this into my stomach every morning on the way to school have special powers?  Do they need a t.v. show?  Long Island Toddlers/Kindergartners?  I’m scared of my kids.”

I just thought I would let you guys know how the virgin conception of 2016 came to be since many have asked.  They might have asked because I told them I was done for sure, even wrote about it on here.  They might have asked what changed when they saw me selling off all of my baby stuff on Facebook which, by the way, I was doing in a Kroger parking lot 2 hours before I found out I was pregnant.  I have eaten many a crow since taking that test.  God is a miracle makin’ laugh factory sometimes.

Soooooooo, anyways.  Let me take you back to a cool December 15th night.  I was at Barnes and Noble with my friend and started to get a migraine so I had to split pretty fast.  On the way out I told her, “I’ve been having acid refulx for 2 days and peeing more…..”

“Maybe you are pregnant,” said the foreshadowing friend!

“That’s impossible.  I haven’t had any unprotected maritals.”

Dum Dum DUMMMMMMM….  Somewhere far off in heaven, an angel played that sound byte.

I ran to Kroger on my way home to grab a few baby food pouches (irony) and a few other things.  Even though I knew there was probably no chance I was pregnant, I stood in front of the tests and thought, “This is a total waste of 8.99 and it will be negative like a billion other times, but just to get even the slightest possibility out of the dark cobwebbed corner of my mind….”, I settle on a 2 pack of Kroger brand tests.

I come home to my house with my husband on the phone while my 5, 3, and 1 year old are running around.  I didn’t even tell my husband I had a test or that I even had the slightest inclination to take one so guess how surprised he was 2 minutes later?

I go straight to the toilet and take the test.  I look at the box to see what lines were supposed to be where and gasped as color shot across the screen.  “Whew,” I thought to myself, “that was just the color the pee made on the test as it went across the screen.

Two seconds later.

“Oh my gosh…”

“Oh MY gosh…”

“Heavens, angels and Justin Bieber!!!”

As clear as anything those 2 lines popped straight up.  I called clueless Lance in the bathroom to give him the shock of his lifetime.  He came in still on the phone so I hid my test while I still sat on the toilet. He thought I was hurling because of the migraine and that’s why I needed him.

I held up the test in the air like a white flag of surrender of a crazy uterus, “I’m pregnant!!!”

Lance’s face dropped in shock.  His eyes as big as ovaries, “That’s impossible!”

“I know!!!!,” I said.  How did this happen?!”

Literally we had been arguing after a bit of dry spell that we needed to practice marriage relations more and then here I stood, pregnant as a Duggar.  And I was starting to feel like a Duggar.  The girl who had infertility was now having 4 kids in 6 years and conceived this one ON CONTRACEPTION used with the accuracy of an FBI forensic investigator.  I literally took a screen shot of the test and Facebooked my ob’s nurse that night and said, “I have no idea how this happened.  This is basically another virgin birth experience.”  It was perfect.  Just in time for Christmas.

Lance legit asked me if I had a pregnant friend pee on the test as a joke. It was if we didn’t know where babies came from after all.  We were shocked.  Super style.

Within 5 minutes I called my mom, followed by Lance’s mom with the news heard round the world.  There were a few tears (on my end) and lots of laughing.  Many people have said, “I knew you would have another one.”  Uhhhh, did no one believe me?  Did everyone think I was a liar because I promise, those 10 different baby things I sold on Facebook were to actual people with actual items sold in real parking lots across America.  I was floored floored bo bored and I never thought I would have a surprise baby.

Even though I plan on seasons of delirium and crying, I am going to embrace this little person and the reality that, in fact, as I had once thought, I really WILL have four kids.  God is perfect and He has better ideas than me, anyways.

God either thinks I’m tougher than I think I am or He is planning on teaching me some REAL big lessons hashtag real life style.  He might just want to break me like a wild horse.

What can I say, my uterus loves a baby and God has some big plans for this one….just like He had for me when my mom conceived me, her 4th on birth control 34 years ago.  Yes, in just 30 something years, you too, little baby can be sitting on a couch with mascara on your face in your daughter’s hair tie, typing on a blog.  Something big is going on here….



People Say the Darnedest Things…When You’re Pregnant

A few weeks ago I posted on my blog and Facebook for people to send me the dumb, annoying, and repetitive things people say to you when you are large and bulbous with a child in your belly.  These are all the comments I received.  Thanks to all of you!  I left everyone’s names off so you could be secret stealth submitters of words.  Enjoy!

“I am standing at Chick-fil-A ordering and the sweet, polite lady serving me asks when I am due? I tell her I have ten weeks left. She gets a frightened look on her face and says grimly “You are not going to make it.”

A 6 year old asked me when I was 36 weeks pregnant, “How do you know that you’re pregnant?”

My boss, upon hearing of my pregnancy, was worried over my girlish figure and offers “to make me an indoor outdoor work out regiment.”

“Oh you’re pregnant AGAIN? Are you guys finally going to have a girl? Said to me when I was pregnant with number 3..which was also my 3rd BOY.

“Don’t you know what causes that?” This is the reason I had a shirt made when I was pregnant with #5 that said, “Yes, I’m pregnant AGAIN. Yes, I know what causes it, and NO i don’t have too many!” Hehe.

“You’re getting bigger!”  Really, were you expecting me to get smaller?

“Oh, I can tell you are getting close to your due date because your nose is really starting to spread!” (and then I never out in public again until after my nose went back to its pre-spreading state)

“You’re looking very pregnant today!”-stated daily by my co-worker

I went to the pool 39 weeks pregnant and as I soon as I got there, a little girl asked me, “Is your belly embarrassing?”  On second thought, maybe it is….

“You look miserable…”

“I knew you were pregnant. I could see it in your face.” – 8 weeks pregnant

“You are starting to glow!” (still not sure what that even means)

“I can tell you are about to give birth because your nose has spread across your face.”  -cashier

“How much weight HAVE you gained?”

“You’ve got that pregnancy waddle.”

“Bless your heart….”

“Are you sure you’re not having twins?!?”

“You don’t look pregnant from the back but when you turn around…BOOM!”

“You are having a boy because you are carrying so high.”

“You are having a girl because you are carrying so high.”

“You don’t look big at all!”  same day “You look like you’re about to bust!”

One time I was followed aisle by aisle by a child who stared at my stomach with curious disgust.  Every time I turned a corner, there she would be walking very slowly and looking 0ut from behind Honey Bunches of Oats.

“Whoa, you are way bigger this time!”, said the OB secretary

A 4 year old said to me with a gag in her voice, “What is THAT?!”, while pointing to my stomach.  And then follows the most feared question, “How did that get in there?”

A pastor’s wife was in front of the deacons at her church and her male OB who is a church member said to her, “This is the time where your aureolas will really start to get dark.”

And the worst pregnancy question of all, “Are you pregnant?”  “No, bravest person in the world.  No, I’m not.”

When Facebook Gets Revenge

Yesterday I had a free second to upload some new videos to Facebook.  There were 3 videos to be exact:  Salem Smiles, Eden Meets Salem at the Hospital, and Salem’s birth which was a private video for just a few friends and family.

I decided to upload the birth video first since it was 5 minutes and would take the longest.  I let it load and then left the laptop.  I came back about 30 minutes later and saw that it was uploaded and needed to be edited.  Then I saw 5 ominous red letters by the comment section alerting me to comments that I needed to see.  THEN I saw that they were video comments.  Dear Lord, Please say this video didn’t post public to Facebook.  Amen.

And then the voice of God said, “Yes, Rebecca, it did.” – Psalms 12:4

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me.

I felt lucky for 3 reasons:

1-It was a G rated video of just faces. Nothing awkward here except for using the V word in the first 5 seconds which is totally appropriate while in labor.

2-This happened to me aka a person who is very open and not easily embarrassed although, this pushed it, sisters.

3- A lot of random people watched it so even if you thought it was weird and even if you initially thought I meant to post it, well, what can you say because you watched it.

I laughed and I enjoyed a good bizarre moment.  Nay, many moments convulessing into 5 mintues of moments which equalled my birth video.

I’m not sure what I enjoyed more: an experience to cringe and laugh at or the fact that all the suckers who watched it when it was public had to see my umbilical cord and see me touch it.  I don’t believe in Karma but boy if I did….  This was a big ole’ cord of it.


Within 2 minutes of finding out about my Facebook error, I immediately set the video to private and posted a status saying that I did NOT mean for that to be public.  However, I do appreciate all of the thumbs up people liked on the post.  I also enjoyed a bounty of comments.  All in all, it turned out to be a rather enjoyable experience.  I highly recommend it.  Or not.

As for Facebook though, come on guys!  You can’t automatically post a video without asking for privacy settings first. My pushing privacy never even had a chance. I don’t think Tom exists on friends list anymore but if he did, I would so delete him…right after I tagged him in the video for his Karma.  The video description would say:

“This is a video of me giving birth that Tom made all of you watch.  Enjoy the cord.  Love, Rebecca”

It’s not bad for someone to watch the G rated image of your face while you push but there is something weird about having unsolicited viewers of yourself in labor.  NO one should see all my double chins pushing.  No one.  So to Tom I say thank you.  To my 800 Facebook viewers I say, “You’re welcome.” And I think it’s Santa Claus that said it best, “Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night.”




Tears for Two

*Originally posted in February 2012.  Reposting in honor of the 3 rd pregnancy.

I’m not a pregnant cry-er.  I think I may be less emotional pregnant than not pregnant, for whatever reason.  When compared to other weepy pregnant women, I am the Paula Abdul cold-hearted snake.

“What?  No, I didn’t cry when the girl didn’t get a rose on the most boring season of Bachelor ever.  Did you?”

“Really?  I didn’t even almost cry during that Kay’s commercial.  In fact, if my husband got me a jangly bracelet with little silver bodies with colored stones in them to represent our children, I’d cry for all the wrong reasons.”

I don’t know, it’s just how I am.  I save all my good crying for when after the baby gets here.  I make up for 10 women’s pregnancy tears during that time.  I’m awesome.

Lately though, I’ve been emotional but it’s not because of pregnancy per se , it’s because of how my life is about to change.  You spend most of your pregnancy feeling like you have forever left to go and then all of the sudden you wake up and realize, in just 2 more weeks I’ll be able to say that I’m having a baby next month!  What?  What’s going on?  You didn’t tell me I was pregnant! Who did this?  Lance?  I knew it.  What’s this big ball hanging off my stomach?  Something weird is going on here. When did I get pregnant much less get close to having a baby?

All of the sudden I’m doing some serious mourning of the pending loss of what it’s been like for me and Eden.  For two years, 24/7, it’s just been us.  I’m happy and blessed to have another child so just know that as you read this and just appreciate that it’s not about that, it’s about the bittersweet end of a chapter for me and my firstborn.

I know I will have less time for her and less attention.  I fear that I will get to the end of the day or week and feel like I miss her even though she’s been with me.  I feel that way because I feel like I’ll be lacking that quality time with her that we are both accustomed to.  It will hurt me to see her crave me.  I will do the best I can but even today I was so dog tired that I thought, “This is what it will be like the first few months.  Will I have enough of me for both of them?  Is this just going to be the worst transition for my sweet girl?”

Lance asked me if I felt sad for Salem that she will never know what it’s like to be the only one and have her mother to herself and honestly, I don’t and the reason why is that she will never know the difference but Eden will.  Eden will be the one making an adjustment.  Salem will only ever know having siblings just like I, the youngest four, never knew the difference and was just fine.

I feel overwhelmed that Eden is turning 2.  I feel sad that we are taking down her crib.  I feel like as a parent you want life to slow down and I feel like I’m speeding her up in to a big girl.  I don’t know where all the time went.  I enjoy her so much and I feel it’s just flying at warp speed.

I know a lot of moms feel this way when they add their second and I know a lot of moms don’t feel these things either.  Some moms are fly by the seat of their pants, type B, “Oh, this is going to be wonderful and exciting and everyone will be fine”, all sentiments aside.

I’m just not that person.  If I was, my blogs probably wouldn’t make you laugh and cry because I’d feel my emotions a lot more differently than I do now.  I’m not saying it’s bad to be the other way, I’m just saying I very much missed those traits on “receive your genes day”.

I breathe sentimental air.  I am a deep thinking, analyzing, passionate, emotion feeling woman, for better or worse.  All of those things leave me crying at acquaintances weddings and tearing up watching graduation slide shows of people I barely know. I guess I’m not good at transitions from wonderful things to other wonderful things because the last wonderful was just so dang wonderful, too.  I hate to see things go or change.


When I was kid, I watched Unsolved Mysteries and it haunted me.  Now, I watch A Baby Story and it haunts me.   I have one episode that keeps playing over and over in my mind and I don’t even think I was mom when I originally saw it.

It’s a mother who is in labor at home with her second, about to leave for the hospital.  Her firstborn was just about to go to bed as she was about to leave.  She went into his room and her mother and husband stood in the doorway.  In the light of the bedside table lamp, you can see her lean over and pick up her son over her big belly.  He laid on her chest and she cried while she held him there. Her mom and husband just waited quietly while she had her last little moment with him.  It’s all I can do to even type that.

I feel like her.

She wasn’t crying because she couldn’t hold him in two days when she got home.  She wasn’t even crying because she wouldn’t be there to hold him for two days.  She was crying because it would never be the same.  Even if it would be great, it would be different.  It was the end of early morning breakfasts for two and the constant ability to be able to have only one who wants to be in your lap to read books.  A precious, short lived dance between a mother and her first child.

I fought to be a mom.  I waited years to see a positive pregnancy test and I have savored every priceless conversation with my little tiny person and every second I’ve gotten to be a stay-at-home mom.  I know I’m in for more wonderful things with a second little wonderful person, but I will really miss it being just me and Eden.  It’s been a fleetingly beautiful first two years for me.

I have 8 weeks from Friday until my due date.  I’ve started to transition their rooms a bit into what they will need to be in just no more than those eight weeks.

Some nights when I’m about to put Eden to bed she’ll say, “Rock you?” and we’ll sit in the rocking chair in the corner of the room and she’ll drape herself over my pregnant belly and I’ll sing to her.  I moved that chair out her room a few days ago.  I thought I was going to take that chair to consignment to make room for a new glider, but I just don’t think I can see it go.  It was the chair I bought and painted just for her nursery, the first nursery I did.  The first rocking chair that I rocked in as a mother, with my daughter.

I think I’ll keep it.

Sometimes life is just too fast.

All the time our children grow up too quickly.

While the laps aren’t full and while she’s still my only little girl….

I think I’ll rock her a little longer.


Choosing Motherhood

I’m an adrenaline junky of sorts.  You won’t ever find me sky diving or cliff jumping unless it’s because my anxiety got so bad on a mountain peak that I couldn’t take the anxiousness of it all and I threw myself over the edge, just to end the fear.  I know that’s so weird but I’m terrified of heights and I do get this weird fear-induced compulsion to just jump to cure the mounding anxiety.  Lance thinks it’s the weirdest thing he’s ever heard.  It probably is.  BUT from a clinical standpoint, it makes sense.  Glad I could use clinical psychoanalyzation to classify some of my behaviors.  All creative people are a little bit crazy though, right?  Sure.  Sounds good.

When I say I’m an adrenaline junky, what I mean is more of an EMOTIONAL high junky.  I LOVED being in love in high school. I almost liked the highs and lows because to a person who loves to feel, you love the intensity of it all.  However, I wished it was mainly just the high rushes I would’ve experienced.

I’ve always loved the firsts of relationships and just the firsts of life, really.  First kiss. Be still my heart!  Even first time he reaches for your hand…sign me up!  First date jitters, getting your license, graduating, getting engaged, your wedding day….I could go on and on and I LOVED the rush of each thing and everything it entailed.

Then there is the first time you find out you’re pregnant.  For me, this was amped up a thousand times because of the 2 years of actively trying with no conception, not a one. After all the heart break, seeing two pink lines was heart stopping.  Life altering!   It always is.

Before getting pregnant a second time, I wondered what it would be like this go round.  Would people be as excited for me?  Would I be as excited for me?  Could anything trump a two year wait that culminated into an amazing birth?  Would the seconds be as novel as the firsts?  No showers.  No gifts being thrown at you every which way.  No one waiting to see that first baby bump.  What would it be like?

Like most things, I think I’ve been pleasantly surprised at all the things number 2 has that number 1 couldn’t, simply because I didn’t know what it was to be a mother pre my first child.

When it’s your first baby, you have no idea what to expect both during a pregnancy and after the birth.  All vomiting and gas aside, it’s a romantic whirlwind of surreall-ness that makes you a world class superstar for 9 months to everyone around you.  Come on, you even get privelged parking, let’s be real.

You know there is a baby inside of you, but you don’t know what it’s all about.  You wait on those amazing first kicks and rolls (here I go with firsts again…)  and you just sort of fly by the seat of pants until the delivery room where the seat of your pants REALLY flies. Then you put a baby in your car, drive home and start a long journey of figuring out what being a mom is and what the heck you are supposed to do with this wrinkly 7 pounder staring at you from your shiny new baby swing.  It’s amazing.  It truly is the best thing you can do with your life.  It’s really hard, also.  It’s a fatigue you’ve never known, emotions you’ve never felt, frustration on a whole new level. In a nutshell, a total revamp of yourself and life.  And you know what?  That’s what makes the second child special in it’s own unique way.

It’s easy to do anything the first time if you don’t know what it will cost you.  The second time, you choose motherhood.  You know what it will mean and it doesn’t look much like baby showers, albeit a spectacular ride regardless.  You know this time how you will feel on the inside on hard, long days. You know how your body will feel and look on the outside.  You know you won’t sleep well for a good year on a regular basis and that there is no sleeping in every weekend anymore.  In a way, there aren’t weekends at all.  And this time, you know it will all be doubled.  You will have all the demands of before with the added demands of a walking, jumping, running, never tiring, sweet toddler.  And…you’ll choose it anyways.

It reminds me of when you hear an older married couple look at each other and say after 50 years of marriage, “I would do it all again.”  That makes us cry.  It’s moving and it’s moving for all the reasons I just went through with the second child and choosing to take on another precious life.  When an elderly man can look at his aged bride and say, “I would do it over”, he’s meaning the fights, the “we almost didn’t make its”, the raising children, the breaking each others hearts, the forgiving, the laughing, the crying, the worrying, the celebrating, the house that was falling apart, the bank accounts that didn’t add up, the sickness,  the car that broke down when you were 39 weeks pregnant, the insults….all of it.  I choose you and I would do it all again.

Anyone can choose the wonderful things in life, but to choose the things that become wonderful through struggle and to say that it would be worth starting back at square one…not everyone would choose that upfront if they could know and feel the price of what would come before hand.  It would be too scary.

To me, this is what having a second, third, fourth child is.  This is what makes it novel.  Despite of the sacrifices you will make, you look at an unknown life in your belly and say, “I would do it all over again.”

In 12 weeks from this Friday, I will likely be looking at a tiny Rebecca-Lance mixture in her darling little face.  This time, there will still be an irreplaceable rush but also, something I didn’t have before: a quiet understanding for what she will be all about and I will look at her with eyes of someone who has mothered, taking away some of the surreal feelings and in place of that, a maternal, contented, peaceful, complete feeling of just knowing this time around.  There is a depth to that in the same way that you look at your husband different in 8 years than you did on your 1st wedding anniversary.  There is fresh beauty in old growth.

There is nothing so magical as the first, and there is nothing so rich as looking life in the face through two little eyes that look a lot like yours and saying, “Bring it on.  I know.  I understand.  We can do this again.  And…I choose motherhood.”   It’s one of the few times you stand at the beggining of race and love like you’ve already taken the journey.

In essence, it’s being a mother and saying,

“I know you are already worth it.  I choose you.”



Photo Credit: Joel Ham Photography

Belly Itch

I ran across some info on the web on a blog that I think will be interestingly to anyone who is pregnant, wanting to get pregnant, expecting a grandchild, dreaming of the day they will be a mom, and blah blah blah.

What I found is a short little list of what your odds are of having a boy or girl if:  you’ve already one girl, had two girls in a row, etc.

Very interesting!  There is a link off that blog that will send you a much more exhaustive list of gender likelihood.

Here’s a link if you are interested in seeing statistically what your odds are of packing a little lady or a little mister now or in the future OR statistically how many kids you will have based on the sex of your children.

Click me!

Attention To All Those With Umbilical Cords In Their Stomachs

Umbilical cords are sort of like parachutes: they both have long life saving strings if you use them correctly. Yes.  Yes, I did come up with that analogy and when you give birth you will remember me and your parachute. What’s so fantastic about your umbilical cord that your body spent 9 months growing?  It contains life saving cells. Most people don’t know about or haven’t heard of donating your umbilical cord blood, but once I tell you about it’s importance and how effortless it is to do, you will want to.

Humor me here with these facts and you can get back to growing your baby.  I promise by the time I’m done you’ll say, “Put me down for one cord.”

All of the following information is from my hospital’s birthing documents.

*Cord blood which is rich in stem cells can be used to treat over 75 life threatening diseases including leukemia and lymphoma.

*Currently over 700 clinical trials involving the use of cord blood are being done for treatments of diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, type 1 diabetes, paralysis, stroke, heart disease, wound damage, Cerebral Palsy, brain damage, and more.

There are 2 ways to donate your life saving cord blood after you give birth:

1- Donate to a public bank which is totally free to you!  The storage bank covers the cost entirely for the whole process.  Basically, you just give birth having made arrangements prior to delivery to donate your cord blood and the hospital and doctors do all the rest.  You won’t even know it’s happening.

Anyone can use a public bank if the need arises.  I took a delivery class where this topic was discussed and the odds of NOT finding a match or having available cord blood for your baby is extremely slim.  The banks are national with many, many donors and all blood is available to any person in need.

2- Donate to a private bank which is way not free.  Collection fee is 1,500-2,500 and then you pay 100 dollars a year in storage fees for as long as it is stored.  People do this because your blood is ONLY for your personal family use and no one else can use this blood. HOWEVER, according to blood bank information, most diseases in which a child would need to receive stem cells, including most cancer or genetic diseases,  cells are required from an outside donor.  I’m sure there are instances where there needs to be a family link but in most cases, other donors are suitable, if not more suitable.  There are 2 children that have been saved by stem cells from cord blood in my hometown and both had outside donors from banks.  Two cases are all that I’m aware of, but I’m sure there are many more.  Let me add too, no one thinks their child will ever have a life threatening illness because that happens to “other people”.  You are someone’s “other person” and 4 years ago they thought my sister might have leukemia and she was hospitalized for weeks.  When it’s you, you hope that people are donating in the case that you or someone you love needs it.  It could help your child or your parent with Alzheimer’s.  You never know.

If you choose to do nothing, your cord blood will be discarded after delivery.

If this sounds appealing to you, contact the cord bank by phone or register online.  Arrangements to donate MUST be made by 35 weeks of pregnancy or it is too late.  You can do that at the sites below.

Cryobanks International (public bank)


LifeBank USA (private bank)


This, to me, is sort of like organ donation.  Why wouldn’t you donate? It requires nothing more than registering and bringing your kit to the hospital when you give birth.  Just throw it in on top of your cute baby beanies and special postpartum pajamas and let your doctor do the rest.

Our babies could save each other.


Adults Say The Darnedest Things

Ever since carrying number 2 around, get your mind out of the gutter, you know what I mean…..

I’ve been getting the strangest comments from people.  I know it’s an attempt to compliment Eden but really, they are insulting my impending baby to praise the one walking around.  I love them both.  I love that people love Eden, but I’ve been hearing a bunch of stuff like this:

“Well, you can have another one but there’s no way it will be as marvelous as Eden.”

“I can guarantee your next baby won’t be as beautiful as Eden but that’s okay.”


“She can’t be more precious than the one you’ve got.”

Okay, this is so weird to me.  I think it’s better to say things like, “You make good babies so I know this one is gonna be sweet.”  That’s better than comments that teeter around, “It’s all downhill from here, kid.”  Do you have to slam one to praise another?  It’s not wrestling.  There are no winners.  No one needs to be put in the sleeper hold so the other can win.

I know what these well-meaning people mean and I love that people love my child.  It thrills me.  It really does.  I’m kind of madly in love with her myself BUT give a fetus-baby a chance!  I’m not worried about people loving Salem but it does sort of freak me out a bit because I don’t want her to be compared.  I just want her to be her!  I’m surely not the only mom that hears this sort of stuff because I’ve heard the above type things from people I know AND total strangers so it must just be what people say.

Inside I think, “Hey, she’s my little person, too!”

It’s almost like if you went to visit your new best friends house and when you came in the parent’s said, “Well, you aren’t going to be as funny as Sarah and probably not as pretty but it’s nice to meet you and congratulations on your new friendship  Here’s a curtain to cover your face.”


When people say that sort of stuff to me I feel simultaneously happy and proud for Eden and sad for Salem.  I think people just want to say nice things about Eden and forget that Salem is actually a real person, not only to me, but as in a real person that is going to be walking around here in 5 months.  Actually, “laying around here” in 4 1/2 months.  I know no one would ever say that to me when she was born but it’s just the craziest phenomenon.

Dang this peer pressure!  I was my mom’s fourth and I still learned to walk, talk, and managed to not have to wear a bag on my head in public so I’m living proof that Salem will survive being number 2.  But that third one….there’s no way that kid will be able to live up to the first two because two’s a company and three’s a loser.

I think that’s how that goes.


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