Dr. Zhu if You’re Nasty

After about 7 blissful years of being a migraine sufferer, I went to a prominent doctor of neurology in my hometown, Dr. Zhu. He is also the inventor of Zhu Zhu pets. If it makes this post more interesting, please feel free to go along with that last part. This man is the 3rd neuro I’ve been to in 7 years and the first one that I’ve felt like I really got some answers from.

Today, I found out that I have a more rare form of migraine called Vestibular Migraines. Janet Jackson has this type of migraine so at first I was upset and then I realized that I could still be a black woman and have this issue so I feel better.

Vestibular Migraines are unique from other migraines in that its main symptom is vertigo. Somewhere over the years, I shifted from migraines that gave me immense head pain and vomiting to migraines that give me an instant, crippling vertigo. Sometimes I only have a 5 minute warning before the room starts to spin, literally. Usually, it hits without warning. I can do nothing. I even feel a spinning sensation with my eyes closed and it gives me insane nausea and vomiting. It takes me about 3 days to recover to pre-migraine status. Who knew I was having this problem? Well, Dr. Zhu.

Most interestingly, he told I had to be very careful how I treated my migraines because if I were to take traditional migraine medicine like Imitrex, Maxalt, etc. that I would be at a high risk for stroke after taking the meds. That was scary! I’m not at an increased risk on a normal day, just if I had a migraine and took any form of those types of drugs. The reason is because Vestibular Migraines cause a restriction of blood flow around the brain stem which is an area that sends blood to life centers of the brain. Medications used to treat migrianes cause further restriction which would likely constrict my blood flow to the point of a stroke. Scary. By the grace of God, I took those medications in my early 20’s and found no relief from them. Because of that, I have never taken them since my migraines turned to vestibular ones.

Praise. the. Lord.

Because I’m pregnant now, there is nothing they can do for me BUT there is a physician in a nearby big city that specializes in the vestibular system and he will do a total work up on my neck and vestibular system to see if my issue is congenital or caused by something they can improve upon. I can’t wait to have this done! I wouldn’t wish vertigo, migraines, or both on any person on the face of the earth.

Last but not educationally least, he told me that its a very strong possibility that the Ortho Evra patch I took for birth control in my early twenties is what set the stage for me to get migraines. That patch also triggered my endo along with my migraines because the patch was emitting 60 more percent estrogen than the FDA realized. Both of my painful and chronic conditions are estrogen triggered or dependent. I couldn’t have known it then, but taking that patch was one of the worst and most life altering decisions of my life. I should look into the class action lawsuits brought against them, again.

Sooooooo, today was a day of learning and saying words like “aha”! Sometimes the length of time it takes with modern medicine to address an issue is beyond my little mind but I’m thankful for it, late or on time.

If I ever get real sad or have a hard day, I guess I’ll call Janet. I’m sure she’s been waiting to talk to me. Janet always understands.

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