DIY Valentine’s For Kids





Love “Bugs” with gummi worms, Have a “Jolly” Valentine’s Day…seriously cute!  From

Colorful, fun, non-candy and cute.  I love the card with it.  From



 So for a kid’s class, don’t do a scratch off offering foot rubs but you could condense the idea into a single scratch off heart that says a fun message.  Tutorial on making a scratch off card from



 Dollar store multi-packs of gum plus this printable=BAM!  From


If you are bringing a healthy snack or want to give one as a Valentine, you can totally write on bananas and be an amazing person.  From


This is an easy and fun Valentine for you kids to make and give.  Cheap too!  From


 Piper cleaners and kisses make bling rings!  From


Dollar store shades in bags with cute tags….lots of rhyming. From


I love everything about these!  It appeals to both my practical nature and need to be What About Bob in public with kids.  Flu season loves you Vanlentine’s Day. There is a printable! From



Cheap and easy:  I am stuck on you bag of stickers.  Next?  From

Easy DIY Silhouette




If you have a steady hand, I promise on your favorite granny that you can do this easy DIY silhouette.  I did one of each member of my family and this year, I decided to do one as a gift for my sister-in-law.  Here is my simple tutorial!



acrylic paint for silhouette in color of your choice

paint for wood canvas

 quality fine to medium-fine tipped paint brush

photograph of person you wish to paint

quality scissors


sealer if desired


1.  Take a picture of your subject’s profile, neck up against a solid background to make outlines distinct.  Take picture close enough so that there is only a slight margin around the profile.  Why?  This way when you choose the size you wish to print your picture, whatever size you enlarge it to be will also be the same size of the actual profile.  So if you need your silhouette to be a 5 by 7, if the image takes up the whole picture, you can be sure that your silhouette will be a 5 by 7 when you print if you leave only a small margin around the profile

2. Paint canvas/surface you wish to put your silhouette on if needed. I painted and distressed mine first.

3.  Take printed picture of subject’s profile and cut out slowly with a good pair of scissors to get accurately all of the lines of the profile, neck, head, etc.

3.  Lay cut out silhouette on to surface and trace.

4.  Using the acrylic paint of your choice, take your time to paint the outline steadily.  A good paint brush will make this much easier and precise.

5. Finish painting in the remaining space of the silhouette.  I typically do two coats.

6. Seal portrait if desired.

7. Say “I’m a boss!” You’re done.


I didn’t like the above orientation so I flipped it for the final product.


You can use this technique in a million ways including cutting out animals and people on patterned paper,  making paper silhouettes if painting them scares you.  You can silhouette just about anything and cut them out of any medium that creates clean edges.

My sis-in-law loved this gift and I loved giving it. I wrote my nephew’s full name and age on the backside for keepsake.  Pin, follow and enjoy!


Washi Tape Gift Tags






20141110-IMG_3217 (1)-001

Buy blank mini cards and envelopes and embellish with washi tape.

20141110-IMG_3216 (1)-001


I bought these cheap paper doily die cuts from Hobby Lobby in three colors. Use them with stickers and wrap them in washi and holy cow, I love!  I originally made a version of these for my baby shower in a box that I did for Shutterfly.  At my craft party, my friend made the two bigger bag tags/gift boxes.  The “Just For You” Stickers came from Hobby Lobby and were used in the baby shower box blog as well.


Wrap chip board letters in washi tape.


 Bakers twine is a cute combo with any gift in a million ways and I’m loving using it with these tags like the one I made above for the Spice Tea gift bottles.

I’ll be posting a few more of these tags that I made on my Facebook page.  Follow me there and on Pinterest.  Pin and enjoy!

Cute Gift Packing With Spice Tea


I’m sure other people on planet earth drink spice tea, but I never hear anyone talk about it.  It’s a long stand by at Christmas in our family and it’s yummy in my tummy.

Right now at Target in the one spot aisle, you can get a two pack of these awesome glass milk bottles for 3 dollars.  You can also get mason jars which you saw me use in the DIY snow globe tutorial and for this gift idea here.  I wanted to stray a bit from the jars and use these bottles because they steal my heartstrings.  Milk bottles are used less than the ever popular mason jars these days.

I made the tags and embellishments using washi tape, bakers twine, scrapbook sticker letters and two paper straws from Hobby Lobby.  You can buy these straws at Mighty Dollar by the packs so I would go there.  Way better than the Hobby Lobby deal.  It would be really cute to attach a recipe card to the jar as well but hey, can win them all.

This is a cute appreciation gift for a teacher or a nice “I love you”/ “Just because” gift for a friend. Really,  it’s a nice cozy gift for anyone and they can use the jar again so double score for this awesome jar!  You can double/triple this recipe and make a few of these suckers as gifts.  There she blows, folks!

Spice Tea

1/2 c. instant tea
2 c. sugar
2 c. Tang
1 tsp. ground cloves
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 pkg. lemon flavored Kool Aid
1 pack of red hots
Mix all dry ingredients well.  Use 2 rounded spoons of mixture for 1 cup of hot water or simply to taste.



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DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes



Make a craft that makes you look like Martha!  Really, these take no skill!  Anyone can do these beauties. I had a craft party at my house and we all made snow globes and other cute crafts soon to grace this blog!  Thanks to Shelly Griffin Photography for the pretty pictures of these creations.

You will need:


Small craft trees {These seen here are from Hobby Lobby, Walmart, & Michael’s.  Yep, I had to go three places to find three sizes. Awesome.}

Mason Jar

Super Glue


Washi Tape if you want to embellish the lid like you see below.

Little deer/bunny/squirrel figurines {I didn’t get them for these jars ,but I die for them!  Check out the dollhouse section of Hobby Lobby for these.)


Super glue, not hot glue, the trees to the lid

Decoupage/seal in some way the metal tips of the trees and let dry so they don’t show rust when you look at your tree tops

Put a spoon full of glitter into the bottom of the empty jar

Fill the jar with water

Screw on your lid with attached trees

Shake it like a Polaroid picture



The jar above has tinted water due to the trees bleeding color.  It was a neat accident.  I guess you could always use food coloring if you dig this and your trees won’t share their color. The one below has a lid trimmed with Washi tape.  So cute!


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Gifts in Jars: DIY Mixes and Seasonings


Do you know someone who is a mom, loves to cook, likes to eat more naturally, loves creativity, likes practical gifts, and loves to save money?  Me too, sister.  Enter this gift idea that I can’t wait to give and would love to receive.

Make knock off baking mixes/seasonings and put them packaged in cute jars.  Above I made onion soup mix in the large jar which is great for roasts.  In the smaller jar, I made Rachel Ray’s homemade taco seasoning.  It’s all of the yummy with none of the junk and preservatives that come in the pre-made packs.

I embellished the jars with washi tape a.k.a my new addiction, twine, craft paper, a chip board letter colored with a metallic pen, dye cut doilies and gift tags tucked in mini craft bags.  The recipes were written on the tags inside the bags with a gold pen.

The full recipe for the onion soup mix is shown. 5 tablespoons = 1 packet. I tripled it for this jar.  The full taco seasoning mix is not shown on the card because it’s two sided so don’t make it how you see it here.  You’ll be bummed.  See that recipe here.




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Pizza Costume Tutorial


This is the most VERSATILE and easiest costume to make. If you can think of anything that’s a triangle:  candy corn, pie, ice cream cone, cheese, slice of watermelon, etc., you can use this tutorial and customize it to your heart’s content!

It’s no sew and cost me $7.50 to make!



1 yard of tan fabric folded in half {for my 4 1/2 year old of average height-use your 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon to do this costume for the price above}

4 sheets of red felt

5 sheets of cream felt

2 sheets of black felt

2 sheets gray felt

Good fabric scissors

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Bowls in two different sizes

A cup

A shirt from your child’s closet for measuring purposes



1.  Fold your yard of tan fabric in half.  Hold it up to your child and mark approximately the length you want the end product to be.  Mark lightly.

2.  Find the center point to be the tip of your pizza slice and cut out a triangle.  Make sure to keep the folded part the top of the pizza so a neck hole can be cut out to be worn and draped over your child.




3.  Next you need to cut the neck hole.  Using a shirt from your child’s closet, place the neck hole of the shirt in the center of the crust to measure the width your cut should be. Mark with a pen.  Then measure from the center of your child’s shirt from the back of the neck, to lowest center part of the curve of the neck so you will know how low to go when cutting the neckline.  Remove the shirt,  mark the center of the neck line based on your measurements and cut out.




4.  Get your cream fabric and cut large abstract pieces to look like melted cheese.  You can also do strips and make the cheese look shredded.  Cover your pizza with the cheese and find the lay out that looks best.


5.  Get two different size bowls and trace and cut out pepperonis from your red felt.  Lay them over the cheese.

6.  Use your gray fabric to create round scallop shapes to be your sausage.  Arrange the sausage over the other “ingredients”.


7.  Lastly, using a cup from your kitchen, trace and cut out olives from your black felt and arrange them over your pizza.

8.  Once you are pleased with your lay out, begin hot gluing the ingredients to the pizza.  Once they are all attached, flip your slice over and trim off the overhanging felt.


9.  Cut four strips of tan felt of the same length and width to make ties to go under the arms of the costume.  Put the costume on your child to see where the strips should be attached.  I marked where I should glue my ties with safety pins before taking it off of her.  Once you have found the placement you need, attach them to the inside of the crust. You can see the finished ties in the first image of this post.


The pizza was blowing in crazy winds but still looked cute!  I’m going to save their costumes for her kids one day.  See the Play-Doh tutorial here.




DIY Play-Doh Costume Tutorial





Embroidery Hoop {Size Based On Size Of Child- I used an 18 inch for my 2 1/2 year old.}

Hot Glue Gun & Sticks

1/2 Yard of Yellow Felt

1/8 Yard of Colored Felt Of Your Choice

1 Sheet of White Felt With Adhesive Backing

1 Sheet of Red Felt

Good fabric scissors



Approximately 45 minutes-1 hour



10 dollars  {Using 40% off coupon Hobby Lobby Coupon for yard of yellow felt and embroidery hoop}



1- Hold up yellow fabric to child and measure where you want it to fall in length and cut if needed. I did not need to cut mine.

2-Take out interior ring from center of embroidery hoop.  This will be the frame of your Play-Doh can.

3-Fold top edge of yellow felt over top of hoop, hot gluing it as you go.  If you pull it just a little taut, it will create a little ledge, giving the appearance of a can.







4- Cut a strip of colored felt approximately 6 inches to create lip of can, again hot gluing over the embroidery hoop.  Make sure the closing edges of the yellow felt match with the closing edges of the blue felt so that you have them center in the back.  You don’t want to see “seams” in the sides or, heaven forbid, front of your costume.  Measure how far down the colored lip of the can will fall very well before gluing.

5. Use left over colored felt to make two shoulder straps so the can–can be worn.  I measured the spacing of these while my husband helped hold the hoop over my toddler.  Hot glue the straps to the top interior edge of can, pulling very taut.  I glued them once, then pulled them even tighter and re-glued the slack.

6.  To make the logo, what I did was simple.  Pull up the logo on the site Download the image and open it in whatever sort of picture viewer you have on your PC. Magnify the image on your screen to the size you need and then put your white felt with adhesive backing over the screen.  The screen will create a back lit effect allowing you to lightly trace the logo onto the felt with a pencil.  When you trace the wording, also trace the shape of the red arching behind the wording.  Using quality fabric scissors, lay your traced sheet over a red sheet of felt cutting out the shape of the red arching first. Set red arch aside and then cut out the words on your white felt. Remove adhesive backing, center  the words on top of the red felt and BOOM!  You look way more talented than anyone ever has to know!  I layered the red background with a thin line of color to match the can lid and the original logo.

7.  Hot glue the logo to the center of the costume.  Be careful to space this well before you glue. You will need to put your hand behind the inside of the costume, smoothing the logo from both sides as glue you since it needs to lay curved over the front.  It’s the only way to keep it from bunching.

8.  Lastly, I cut a large u shape out under each side of the hoop so that she could easily move her arms however she needed.  To keep it even, I cut the big “U” out of a piece of cereal box and drew it on each side before cutting.  I put her in the costume to measure about where each arm hole should fall before making any cuts.


Pin and enjoy!  Check out my other costume creations!



20141031-IMG_2888 (1)

Colored lid can be smoothed by hand and it really looks like a can lid!  I, however, did no such smoothing in the freezing artic winds that were blowing us around!  You can also simply wrap the felt for the lid to fit the underlying hoop leaving no overhang.  That would be even more simple and no worries about it bunching.


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