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Creative Gift Ideas


You all know I love to compile gift idea lists.  Here are two gifts I suggested that I bought for myself/my kids.  The mugs came from a gift list I shared last year and here it is in the coolest flesh ever!  The other is a new fun product that my children love.  Both are fun gifts to give and receive and the mugs are perfect for adults, kids, coffee lovers, hot chocolate lovers, and of course, milk and cookie lovers.

Enjoy and share!

These mugs for marshmallows and hot chocolate or cookies and milk are AWESOME and  made of solid, nice heavy ceramic.  For a two mug set in color:  36 dollars, for a single white mug:  18 dollars.  Buy from  They have lots of neat and unique gift ideas.



I love these Body Doodler bath crayons.  They color the skin very well and don’t get watery and lose color like bath crayons do for tub walls.  They are non-toxic and good quality and can be used on the face and body.  My girls have fun coloring on each and I love drawing jewelry on them or the animals they request for their tummies.  They wash off really easy from the body with soap.  The face is a tad trickery but no problems overall with these guys.  What a fun and different gift to give or receive!  Look online form Body Doodlers as I got mine from a locally owned kids boutique.



Creative Gift Ideas Continue

Because I love being creative and also because I’m out of control, here is another gift idea list of some neat ideas, some of which I can guarantee you’ve never seen or heard of.  Enjoy all of the pictures….I mean click-able links.

1.  Garden Markers

For the gardener in your life, buy them custom garden markers to use in the spring.  Here are some from Etsy sellers that are modern,  clean & simple, or vintage and creative.

2. Scratch Map

Know someone who loves to travel or who is an adventurer?  These scratch maps let you scratch off each place you’ve been on the map and they make a unique display and conversation piece in your house.

3.  Custom Pin Cushions

Do you know a sewer?  Custom pin cushions on Etsy are a cute and creative gift for the crafty.  They make these cool ones that look like cut oranges and ones that look like cupcakes.  You can find tons of these guys on Etsy.

4.  Home Grown Spices

Most people don’t know that when summer ends, your local farmers market doesn’t necessarily die with it.  Many sellers continue and in my home town, they just meet in a different location with less vendors.  If you know a cook, home grown fresh spices are a personal and high quality but still affordable gift.  If your local farmer’s market has stopped meeting all together, you can contact whomever orchestrates the farmer’s market in your area to get contact info for sellers who offer spices and you can contact them directly.

5.  Face Mug

I DIE FOR THESE!  Most everyone knows someone who likes coffee, cookies and milk, or hot chocolate and these face mugs are cool and genius!  They are mugs with two eyes, a nose, AND an open mouth compartment where you can store the cookies directly IN the cup while you enjoy cookies and milk.  You could fill them with marshmallows too or something a coffee drinker would use which I have no ideas on there. =0)  You’ve GOT to check these out.  I think they are one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time.

6.  Ticket Stub Diary

Yet another great idea: a ticket stub diary.  This gift is perfect for the concert go-er or movie buff.  Keep all of your tickets in this cool journal that has clear slots for all your ticket pride!  It’s only eleven dollars and you’ll feel like a genius when you give the right person this gift.

7.  Pic Punch

For the musician or should I say, guitar player in your life, buy them a pic punch.  It’s a tool that allows them to be creative and punch their own individual pics out of credit cards or IDs or ANYTHING of the right material.  Pretty fab.

8.  Door Jammers

For the mom of little ones, a small gift or stocking stuffer that you can make custom on Etsy are door jammers.  They go around door knobs and block a door from smashing small fingers.  They are offered in tons of cool fabrics like this chevron one here.


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Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas When You Are Stumped.  Ideas for all budgets, all people.

1.  A years magazine subscription. I’ve gotten a fun DIY one for several years.

2.  For the cook in your life, try out this fun gadget for a stocking stuffer.  It’s great for mom’s or someone who cooks as a hobby.  You could also order custom recipe cards or books to hold recipes (try Etsy).  For a sentimental take, buy or make some recipe cards and fill them up with recipes from the cook’s grandmother or family recipes that have been passed down.

3.  Hire a maid or maid service for a few days to be spread out at the time of your wife’s choosing.  Make sure this won’t insult your wife first.  Nothing says Merry Christmas like “Get your act together.”  To me, I would love the break and help.  Who wouldn’t want a maid for a day?  I know people who clean a house for 40 bucks!  Player, please.  Yes.  Merry Christmas.

4.  For someone who has everything or for someone who is philanthropic, donate through an organization a gift given to someone in a foreign country.  Through different organizations such as World Vision, you can buy gifts for almost any price range that will make a big difference to families around the world. You can search by price point and category. Examples:  A flock of baby chicks for a family to have chickens to eat and eggs to sell .  Immunizations for a child in a faraway place.   Seeds for farmers including farming classes.  Books for a school.  These gifts are not only charitable and philanthropic but can still be personalized.  If someone if a pregnant, buy for them a mother’s pre-natal care in a third world country.  If they have a love for sports or are a coach, donate soccer balls for 15 dollars to a school half a world away.  These gifts are great for anyone and perfect for someone who doesn’t need anything and doesn’t want anything either!  Also,they are gifts that keep giving in a real way.  My dad got two chickens and goat from my sister one year.  See, there’s another reason to buy a giving gift:  It’s hilarious to say what you got someone when it’s petting zoo livestock.

5.  Have flower delivery set up for one day a month for 2-3 months with different arrangements coming each time.

6.  For the car lover, buy a gift card to a car wash where they can get several washes to make their baby shine or they can also put that towards car detailing.  I don’t care about cars and many moms don’t but this is a great small stocking stuffer, too.  I love a nice clean minivan! Whoop!

7.  Book an overnight trip to a hotel for you and your wife or for your wife to have a mom’s night out alone.

8.  Buy a gift card for a hobby: a round of golf etc.

9.  If you know it’s something your friend or spouse would do, sign them up for a class for something they have always wanted to learn: painting, cake decorating, shooting, sewing, golfing, piano, etc.  These classes are offered every where at beginners level via community education classes and are very affordable.  If you know its something a loved one has always wanted to know about, make it happen!

10.  If you know a pet lover, a really big one, stuff their stocking with a gift card to a dog bakery for them to go pamper their pooch in a unique way.  The one in our town is Bark Twain. Good job, store namer.

11.  Get a gift card for an adventure:  zip lining, white water rafting, horseback riding, amusement park tickets, etc.  Make a memory while doing something unique.

12.  Tickets to a show.

13.  For the movie lover, stuff their stocking with a gift card to the movies.  My step-dad likes going to the theater alone and I’ve given him this several years in a row along with a bag of his favorite candies.

14.  Make a coupon book that’s geared towards your spouse:  cleaning coupons from a husband to a wife or childcare, and the wives can give their hubby “go play golf” coupons, night out with guys, etc.  You can find free coupon book printables on-line.

15.  Know someone with a big dream or a small business of any kind?  Have custom business cards made to encourage and surprise them OR have a t-shirt, fleece, or hoodie made with their company name on it.  It will be a thrill to the person in pursuit of what they love and a little advertisement as well. If nothing else, they will be really excited and have a cheap thrill of seeing their dream and business name on a product.  You can do this easily and put their name on anything under the sun on  If you see something you like on there, you can customize it yourself.  Stickers to hoodies to custom business cards…it’s all there.  Most anything can be done there for 20 or less.

16.  Have something sentimental turned into function.  You can take wedding vows, a favorite quote from a grandparent that has passed, a meaningful scripture etc., and put it on a coffee mug  or anything ceramic.  You can do this for only a few dollars.  See this example link here for the easiest, cheapest gift ever i.e. personalized mugs, plates, etc.   All it takes is a Sharpie, a mug, and an oven. If you are artistic, you can also decorate a set of plates or cups this way for someone as well.

17.  ETSY, ETSY, ETSY….have a custom made gift!  You can FIND and CUSTOMIZE anything for any interest, man, woman, child, and even animals.  From art, to hunting, to custom shelves, to jewelry, to greeting cards, to clothes, to antiques….you can find anything for anyone with any interest.  You can pick your details and because there are so many sellers, to a degree, pick your price based on who is selling what for what you want to pay.

18.  Etsy gift card. You can buy one to Etsy entirely or to an individual shop.  Sky is the limit with this card.

19.  Some cities have stores that make home cooked meals or individuals who take orders from their homes.  Pre-pay for a few meals that are your love’s favorite or just pay for a certain amount of servings and let your wife or mom pick which days she can have a cook free night but delicious food!

20.  For someone with kids, give them a coupon for babysitting or have someone pre-paid or lined up who will work out the details with you later.

21.  Buy a couple, friends, or grandparents a gift card to a bed and breakfast that takes dinner reservations.  I LOVE to eat at a local one here because it’s quaint, quiet, unique, and the food….oh my gosh…the food.

22.  Make a bunch of cookie mixes, drink mixes, muffin mixes, etc. and put them in mason jars with embellished notes attached that include the recipe.  You can do these in bulk as a teacher’s gift, for neighbors, friends, and anyone who wants a jar of goodies.  Why not make a hot chocolate mix and include something you made like this each tied up in individual bags?  The possibilities are endless.  If you want pre-cooked food in jars, let this link to “50 foods in a jar” inspire you.

23.  If you sing or are a musician, make a CD of yourself singing and give it to your parent’s or friend’s who would enjoy having it.  My husband and I recorded one for our parents last year and my mom cried her head off.  A few times.

24.  To that point, if you are artistic, paint a picture, make a pot, crotchet a nice chunky blanket, whatever your skill set may be, use it for a personalized/customized gift.

25.  Make a photo book online via Shutterfly or similar site.  They always run deals during the holidays.  Grandparents love this sort of thing to have out on a coffee table.  Know a crafter?  Combine all their “art” in a photo book for them and surprise them with their own personal portfolio.

26.  Make a calendar of the grand kids for the grandparents.  Make sure to put their b-days on the calendar each month to help them remember without having to actually remember!  Shutterfly does buy one get one deals or buy one get one half off during the holidays.

27.  Need or want to buy a gift card for someone who you don’t know what to buy them or what they like?  Buy a gift card to the mall instead of a specific store and they can choose from the whole establishment!

28.  Buy an Amazon or Ebay card and they can choose from the whole dang web!

29.  Have pictures taken to frame and give as gifts to parents or grandparents.

30.  Do you have someone who likes to read blogs?  Many bloggers have books written such as YoungHouseLove.  (Their book is just coming out.)  Order a book from the site and do one better, send one to the author, have them sign it and pay for the shipping back.

31.  Again for the blog lover, search turn a blog into a book and have the blog you love made in to a book.  You can choose their favorite posts or category, add pictures, your own text, etc. and give them a hardback or paperback book that you had bound for them.  I gave my dad a gloss print paperback book made of all the posts I’ve ever written about him.  It was a great gift, I thought. You will have to have the participation of the blogger themselves and when you investigate, you may find they already have an e-book.

32.  Surprise a niece, nephew, or child of your own with a beta fish.  They are cheap and don’t require pumps so they can just be in a regular fish bowl. It’s a less than five dollar fish that will cause big excitement for you and probably your cat.  If you are having someone give them a fish or plan on buying one yourself, you can stuff some fish accessories in their stocking:  shells that are painted with their favorite sports team or like a princess, sparkly or brightly colored rocks, or a figurine made for fish tanks of their favorite TV character.

33.  Another fun gift idea for kids for their stocking or as a stand alone gift are the Target gift cards for children.  They come in mesh bags with colored plastic tokens and each token is worth a dollar amount.  I believe it’s usually five dollars.  It’s marketed in a fun way for kids and they can pick out their own gift, spending their own “money”.  On a long winter day at home, they will look forward to going to mommy’s favorite store (Who said that?) and picking out a treat or toy for themselves.  THEN they will go home and play with it.  It’s really a gift for the mothers too.  =0)

34.  Along those same lines, when I give gifts to children at any time, I like to give them something other than toys and their parents usually appreciate that.  Who needs one more toy in their living room?  Almost no one has enough storage.  What I like to do is give them gifts to do things.  I will buy a handful of tokens to the carousel at the mall, some tokens to the Chuckie Cheese, and bag them in little bags.  It gives them something to DO and it won’t lay around your house.  Moreover, they will have fun while they do it guaranteed.  I also like to give children gift cards to a children’s play place with inflatables or to a self-serve yogurt place where you make your own and pick and fix all your own toppings.  Any of these gifts can stand alone or tokens to the carousel or Chuckie Cheese makes a really cute stocking stuffer.

35.  Do you know a nature lover or someone who has lots of land and loves the outdoors?  You can buy special birdhouses or animal houses to attract certain birds to your property.  You can buy anything to attract certain species of birds, bats, or even owls.  We have a specialty wildlife store in our hometown where you can buy all sorts of nice cedar houses for all sorts of wildlife and the experts in the store can tell you what you can attract in what part of the county.

36.  Add to a loved ones collection of nutcrackers, snow globes, or whatever you know they love to collect.  Put time into tracking down a unique find or even one custom made.  A nutcracker that looks like the person?  Absolutely.

37.  Parents of children with kids, buy them a gift card for a night at their favorite hotel in a city nearby and keep the kids while they go.  We asked for this a few years ago and have done it twice since.  It’s a financially worry free tiny trip, kid free, ahhhhhh.

38.  Parent’s of college kids or broke children of any age, nothing is quite as good of a gift as the gift of a little financial breathing room.  Pay and put a credit on their electric bill or rent.  They will love a worry free month.

39.  Like sentimental gifts but broke?  Search DIY on Pinterest and find a gift within your price range and skill set that you can make and give.

40.  Have someone in your life that’s a big sports fan?  Take a football, baseball, or whatever the sport uses and mail it to their favorite team with a note included saying that your spouse or boyfriend etc. is their biggest fan and ask them to sign the item you sent and mail it back to the address provided.  They may not respond but my husband had a friend from college do this and surprised her husband on their wedding day with a signed football that she put in a display case.  It’s worth what you paid to take the chance if it works.

41.  Know a new mom?  If you’re already a mom, you know teething and grabby babies (which they all are) love to chew on and grab jewelry many times breaking it.  Buy the new mommy this fun, stylish, chewable jewelry.  It’s safe and functional for mom and baby.

42. Buy them a season or all the seasons of their favorite show.

43.  Have an artist paint or sketch something sentimental that you can frame as a gift.  A talented artist, Blake Parsons, can do just about anything and one thing I’ve seen of his was a drawing of someone’s house.  It made me think why not give an artist a picture of your parent’s or grand parent’s childhood home and have it drawn and framed.  They will be surprised and cry their socks off.  Need an artist? Blake can be contacted via Facebook at this link.

44.  For new homeowners, the newly moved, or the newlyweds, buy them a unique, stylish, or personalized door knocker.  They look great, are unique, and can come with tradition.  You can move them from home to home throughout your life and pass it down as a neat heirloom.  Tell them that when they move to take it down to use again or have them frame it in a shadow box or display case as a neat memory and cool home decor.

45.  For the grandparents or military dads who are far away, buy a recordable book from Hallmark so that your children or grand children can have a book read by you no matter where they are.  Hallmark sells all sorts of recordable stories that will fit some little person in your life.

46.  Give an ornament that represents something you love about that person or an experience you’ve shared.  It’s cheap, sentimental, practical, and something they can use for years and Christmas’s to come.

 47.  Know someone who has adopted internationally or who loves to travel?  Is there a special state dear to your heart or a city significant to a time in your life?  Do you know a missionary or military person serving in another country? AND, are you a girl?  (or boy if you modified it or if you are secure) =0)  This Etsy seller makes custom pendants of states with cities marked on them or countries.  This is a really neat and meaningful gift.  They are beautiful and made with high quality materials AND the shop owner gives 10 percent of her earnings to a local charity and 15 percent to World Vision, the organization mentioned earlier in the list.


48.  Need a gift for the new home owner, newly moved, or newlywed?  Buy them a round or square custom return label stamper.   They are handy, personal, good quality and can be helpful specifically for the newlywed with 500 thank you letters to send out.  See one here.

49.  Want a crazy cheap gift for the clothes lover?  These are for real and they are CHEAP! Infinity and woven cowl neck scarves in 7 colors for 2-3 dollars with free shipping!  Yes.  That’s what I said.  They are sold on Ebay, pinned lots on Pinterest, and the seller has almost 100 percent positive feedback.  This would be great for college girls to give to friends or for any chick really.  Hey, get all 7 colors for under 30 bucks!  Shut my mouth….

50.  And if all else fails, straight cold hard cash!  Here’s a site with creative and crafty ways to fold money you are giving as a gift.  It’s called money oragomi and I’m so serious.

Ho Ho Ho, Homies!




Gifts in Jars: DIY Mixes and Seasonings


Do you know someone who is a mom, loves to cook, likes to eat more naturally, loves creativity, likes practical gifts, and loves to save money?  Me too, sister.  Enter this gift idea that I can’t wait to give and would love to receive.

Make knock off baking mixes/seasonings and put them packaged in cute jars.  Above I made onion soup mix in the large jar which is great for roasts.  In the smaller jar, I made Rachel Ray’s homemade taco seasoning.  It’s all of the yummy with none of the junk and preservatives that come in the pre-made packs.

I embellished the jars with washi tape a.k.a my new addiction, twine, craft paper, a chip board letter colored with a metallic pen, dye cut doilies and gift tags tucked in mini craft bags.  The recipes were written on the tags inside the bags with a gold pen.

The full recipe for the onion soup mix is shown. 5 tablespoons = 1 packet. I tripled it for this jar.  The full taco seasoning mix is not shown on the card because it’s two sided so don’t make it how you see it here.  You’ll be bummed.  See that recipe here.




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Gift Idea For The Older Siblings Of A New Baby


Usually I feature gift ideas that I’ve come up with but this time, this was a gift given to my girls by my long time friend, Katie Dendy.  These are busy bags for big brothers/sisters.  She went to the dollar store and filled up bag with lots of dollar items from Grow A Flower kits and sunglasses to pre-bagged crafts and sticker books.  For a dollar a piece anyone can give this gift and both mom and kids appreciate them for very different reasons.  Kids feel special and mom has something to entertain the kids with while she is busy and nursing or when she just needs rescue from the kids boredom.

Love this affordable, fun, thoughtful, and helfpful gift idea!  Thanks, Katie!  My girls loved them!

P.S.- The cupcake book came from Target, not the dollar store, and was for my new bundle.



Gift Idea: Give The Gift of Nostalgia



I am sort of madly in love with creative gift giving and you can find lots of gift idea posts here on the1sthundred.  I know many people love to give gifts but don’t know where to start in getting creative.  I thought I would give you a new direction to think on in sharing what I did for my mother this year for Mother’s Day.  This year I gave a gift of nostalgia!

My mother’s father has been gone a little over a decade now but while he was living, he loved to bowl.  He bowled weekly on a league at the old bowling alley in town and he took all of his grandkids, willing or not, and taught us each to bowl.  It was his beloved hangout.

Sadly, after decades upon decades of business in our hometown, they are finally tearing the old place down.  I’m lucky enough to know an antique buyer and when I heard they snagged some bowling pins before the take down, I immediately asked if I could buy some.  I bought one for my mom, my sisters, and myself.

What a neat, unexpected, and sentimental gift!  It’s a piece of our hometown history and a piece of a place her father loved.  There are TONS of DIY ways to re-do or use bowling pins to decorate.  I have an idea of my own that I will feature in a later post of what I am doing with my own pin.

I sprayed hers with a white gloss spray paint to polish it up a bit and taped off the lines and tags to keep the original labels and stripping.  Then I wrapped it up and attached the tags below.








In the envelope is a gift card to add to the gift for Lowes for her to buy some flowers to plant which is her favorite thing to do.  I actually envisioned her mixing her bowling pin into her garden landscape where she has transplants from her mother’s actual flower garden from 15 or more years ago. It will be a little something of her mother, a little something of her father.

Think over your life with your loved ones and all of your relationships.  What can you score, new or old, that would represent a piece of your history with someone or their history of their own lives?  Something from a place you met, place you got engaged?  Something from a loved ones hometown or from their childhood?  Last year I gave my mom this which is another idea in using nostalgia into a special gift.  The options are endless! You can even find sites like this one for nostalgic candies by decade going all the way back to before 1920.

It really just takes a little thought and sometimes, investigation.  I hope this sparks some great ideas for you guys with a whole new direction to explore in gift giving!


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The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift


I love to give thoughtful, creative, and sometimes unexpected gifts.  When it comes to baby showers, you always hit up a friend’s registry first and I’ll admit, I wanted people to stick to that puppy when it was my first child.  Then something happened,  I birthed that child and realized that sometimes more than a Boppy, you need to do something for yourself.  Moms don’t always do the best job at this so help a momma out and give them a reason to: a  gift that caters to mom!  What’s more baby shower than the mom that’s birthing the baby in the first place?!!

Using all tags, ribbons, and a little cardboard box from Target’s one spot, I gave this momma centered gift:  an evening to herself!  Inside I put a Starbucks gift card and a gift certificate to a nail salon for a mani/pedi. This doesn’t have to cover all the expense of the pampering, just a nice discount will do the trick.  Some of us ball hard on a budget.

It would be cute to couple this gift with the mom’s favorite magazine or book if you know them well enough to know what they are into. Tailor this to what you know a mom would love to do on their night free:  go to the movies, get a dessert at a favorite restaurant, meander around their favorite store….etc.  Heck, if she has other children, babysit her kids so she can go!

Build a teensy getaway at any price point and plop it into something swag from Target One Spot and surprise a mom at a baby shower by thinking of the mom themselves!

For more of my creative gift ideas, just search my site.  Here are a few examples of some of my gift idea posts here, here, and here.  Search “gift ideas” for a lot more lists and posts with a ton of delicious low quality cell phone images.  Your welcome.







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Creative Christmas Gift Idea For Children





I came up with this for my friend’s children as a Christmas gift.  It was so simple, affordable, creative, and interactive!  Score, if I do say so myself.  I purchased The Gingerbread Man book in my favorite print and put it with items so that the kids can make and decorate their own gingerbread men after reading the book.

Here is what the book is paired with:

Gingerbread cookie mix:  1.98

Pre-filled icing bag with tip: 2.98

Gingerbread man cookie cutters: 2.88

Christmas sprinkles: 1.88

Book:  3.99

Total: 13.71

This could have been done cheaper with a paperback book and coupons but a girl has to buy when the kids are eating popcorn quietly in the stroller, ya know?  I got everything at Walmart with the exception of the book which I snagged at TJ Maxx.

Now they have a book to get them in the Christmas spirit with an activity to go with it!

You could also do this with:

  • Hansel and Gretel and pair it with a gingerbread house kit
  • Polar Express and a mason jar full of hot chocolate powder, topped with a pile of marshmallows, sealed and tied with Christmas ribbon OR put this book with a gingerbread train kit that are sold alongside of gingerbread houses at Walmart for about $8
  • The Sweet Smell of Christmas (scratch and sniff book) and an apple pie recipe attached to a bundle of candy canes or you could do the mason jar of cocoa for this one as well.

Books sell for very cheap on Amazon and depending on whether or not you get the hardback version, you can get them for only a few dollars. This book and activity idea can easily be done 10 dollars or less.

This gift is great for kids and something their moms can appreciate.  Try this out for an easy, affordable, thoughtful Christmas gift for the kids you love!  You can tailor this to any child, for any occasion.  There is a lot more than ho ho ho possibilities here.

If you like this idea, click here, here, and here to see several pages of gift ideas for all sorts of occasions. They have some really great images with them.  Just kidding, guys.  I’m doing better.

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