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Felt Flower Wreaths

I participated in an a craft expo this weekend and didn’t get to post pictures of two of my wreaths so here you go!  One is way more traditional than me and the first one that sold….go figure.  The second one pictured is a more whimsical Christmas wreath.  I put all the wreaths on display on this old antique shutter and it was fabulous. Enjoy the pictures and pin me and follow me on Pinterest.

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I hung these juicy awesome tags on all the wreaths with the prices on the back.  I bought plain tags, a stamp, and ink pad all at 50% percent off and made these puppies in 2.5 seconds.  It was a cute presentation.






Christmas Felt Flower Wreath


This is another wreath I designed for my upcoming craft expo. It’s clean and bold with a fun little ball sprig to all the Ho Ho to you Jingle Bell this Christmas. 

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Felt Flower Fall Wreath


This is the Mac Daddy of wreaths to me.  I designed this for the craft expo I have a booth at this coming Saturday.  If you are interested, come and check it out!

I wrapped this wreath in burlap and used a mixed of wool and eco bamboo felt to set this color scheme.  I love the balance and mix of textures.  If I ever marry  a wreath, I hope it’s this one.

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Felt & Fabric Burlap Wreath

This wreath is one I designed uniquely for Miranda in Illinois.   That’s why I’m naming this style The Miranda.  Oooooo, so official!

She wanted a wreath that could be up all year which is always tricky because all color schemes lean towards seasons:  light colors are spring-y, bright colors are summer-y, warm colors are fall, and so on.

Miranda told me she doesn’t like pinks but likes blues, greens, grays, yellows, etc. She told me she loved my fabric yo-yo wreaths but wanted hers to be one of a kind like the others wreaths I make so I knew I had to take it a little off path.

SO I used the color scheme she likes and a scheme that would compliment her funky colored green front door.

I used pops of white and some silver buttons to take away from the faller tones of the natural burlap and the wooden buttons.  To make it one of kind, I took the yo-yo look she liked and added a few felt flowers to blend the two together which I hadn’t done before.

The colors have warmth but the clean white and bright blue can take it from spring, to summer, and the warm tones and burlap ground it in to fall.  I used fabrics with subtle green to play off her fun colored door.

It has texture with metals and wood, fabric, felt, and burlap.  It’s a funky mix of yo-yos which are a little of beat and mixed with my traditional felt flowers.  It’s clean, interesting, colorful, and crisp! It’s even prettier in person!

I hope you like your one of a kind wreath!  Thanks for your order and thanks for being a faithful reader!

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Holla back young en’, whoo whoooooo.






Felt Flower Headbands for Babies and Toddlers

I made these for a sweet mom and her sweet baby at church.  I loved the way they turned out.  I paid 17 bucks for one just like the messy, assymetrical flowers purple one at a boutique.  Player, please.  Please, please, player, please.

ALSO, as you can see, my images are working again.  WOO HOO!!!  Maybe all of you will be able to comment again without a hitch????  Could it be?

Enjoy these handmade felt headbands ;0)

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Felt Christmas Wreath

I donated this to a silent auction for a private school.  Hope it gets bids and taken cause it took me a good while.  I decided to go more whimsy and playful than modern since not everyone likes a funky wreath….unfortunately.

I channeled my inner more traditional self and was pleased with the outcome.

Dear someone, Bid on me.  Love, Santa’s little donor.

I should have fluffed the leaves before taking pictures buttttttt it’s 11 p.m. and I’m all fluffed out.

Felt Halloween Wreath

This wreath is modern, simple and bold, great for the Halloween lover that likes to go more unconventional, beyond pumpkins and ghosts.

This wreath is my design with two different sized “clover” flowers with piled up pom centers, all done in the color scheme of a candy corn.

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Two ways to hang:

Flat Felt Headbands

I have made and seen a lot of dimensional felt flower headbands.  I think certain headbands look good on certain heads and when I had a baby with a watermelon size noggin, I made a flat felt flower that curved on to the head and I loved it for my girl’s head.

Okay, not the best picture but I took it with my phone in florescent light, not intending to post it.

Hobby Lobby now sells the elastic bands like pictured here.  You can get 4 for 4.99 and create to your heart’s content.

I get a lot of craft search traffic and Pinterest hits to my blog and thus, a lot of questions about how I make things.  Unfortunately, I free hand and create many things on whim so I don’t have a set pattern…just fabric scissors and felt.

For this one, I cut out a petaled shape starting with the largest base flower first.  I took the largest one, cut it out twice and trimmed the second one down smaller.  This way I was creating tiers of different size flowers using the first large one as a loose baseline.  I layered them up, trimmed ends that where off or unbalanced, and attached a fabric button to the center.  I hot glued it all together and shazzam!  A simple, solid form fitting flower that goes with everything!  I dig it.

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