About This Girl

I am an animal extraordinaire.  I like to start out with facts that make me relate-able.  I am a mom to two children (with one on the way) and one of which I tried for 2 years to conceive so I’m also an infertility genius on top of animal extraordinaire. Now that you know I’m just one the guys with my temporary barrenness and my extensive knowledge of animal facts, you should now know that I write about everything. Really. I write about postpartum depression (Whoa, that was heavy.), wearing pajamas all day (That’s better.), marriage, ADHD husbands, sweet husbands, raising babies and toddlers, crafting, motherhood, stories from my life that give you happy tears, sad tears, and laughing water bulbs from your eye sockets.  I promise to give you funny straight talk,  with an honesty you will relate to all packaged in a PG version that won’t make your mom blush.

I also write and share all of my creative ideas from mom tips of everyday things I do, crafts I make  with my kids, activities to do with your family in different seasons, unique and affordable gift ideas, to parties I plan for my kids that are what I like to call “realistic Pinterest”. They aren’t overkill on the details and no, I didn’t pay to have a canopy hung in my living room to make it look like a magazine spread but there is creative attention to detail and all done with smart, frugal money saving tips!

Now back to me….

I’m Kentucky born and raised.  An extreme ex-postpartum depression haver, wife of over 9 years, sister to 7 scalywags (4 adopted, 3 the ole’ fashioned way), crafty crafter, christian, writer who hates reading (and occasionally hates editing…who said that?  me?  you?  you?  me?), 90’s lover, pastor’s wife, laughing giver, friend maker, truth speaker, note singer, tell you anything about my life sayer, never embarrassed, compassionate, homebody, space decorator, mother who loves sentimental things and holidays.  Also, rap music.

And just when you think that you can’t begin a sentence with ‘and’….just when you think it couldn’t get any better than this, you should just read my other words.  Spell check just considered many of the words I’ve used here as ones that don’t exist in reality.  We are on to something special here.

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