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I came up with the idea to do this two years ago for Eden when Salem was born.  I figured it was an old worn out idea that everyone had heard before but two years later, it’s still one of my most pinned posts.  I decided to follow it up with the 2 new big sister bags I did for the birth of my youngest, Mendel.  (It rhymes with Kendall.  I can’t sing the song to you I made up about what it rhymes with because we aren’t in person but boy if we were…..)

I made two bags with different versions of the same items in each bag.  I put all of their goodies in reusable Disney bags so we can use them for overnights etc.  Gift bags are so expensive. Why get a bag that will be thrown away?  Here are the items from my 4 year old’s bag with a list below of what it all is in the bag and why I chose it.  All items are themed around spending the night away and most items can be used while waiting in the hospital lobby.  They will be used while with their grandparents for two nights when we are in the hospital so I feel like it’s practical for them AND something the girls can enjoy and be excited about in the change of adding a baby.









A PINK CAKE POP because hey, you don’t give toddlers celebration cigars.  It’s a fun treat for in the waiting room at the hospital.

PACK OF FUN FLAVORED GUM  This is a just because fun treat and one that can be shared with their cousins in the lobby while mom is doing the big heave ho.  I tried to pick fun flavors and a different flavor for each child.

NEW P.J.s  What’s a fun sleepover at grandma’s without new pajamas?  I got these trademarked gowns at TJ Maxx for only 7.99 each.

BOOK  New bedtime stories while away from home.  Also, books are great to pass the time at the hospital.

SPIN BRUSH TOOTHBRUSHES  You can never have too many things that make the bed time transition easier and more fun.  Plus, spinners really clean those chompers well and they have fun using them.

ACTIVITY  My oldest got a huge Melissa and Doug Sticker book where they decorate cupcakes, cakes, etc. with hundreds of toppings, icings, sprinkle stickers to choose from.  She can create and it’s not a five minute and then you are done activity. They have tons of Melissa and Doug books like this with different themes and my girls love them all. They are 8.99.

I got my 2 year old dot dabber markers and a pad of white paper that she can make dots and “paint” with.  Again, it’s imaginative and can be done several times.  This is good both for their time away and at the hospital.

BIG SISTER SHIRTS This doubles as an outift/change of clothes for their grandparents and their special attire for the big day.

BUBBLE WANDS  Cheap outdoor fun and easy bag filler.

FROZEN SOCKS There is no real purpose in these other than they love Frozen and they were a dollar at Target’s One Spot.  Why not?

DOG TREATS AND COOKIES  Yep, dog treats.  They love feeding all the dogs at their grandparent’s farm and going to Pet Smart to build treat bags.  I took them on a trip to make their own individualized bags and told them they would be in their big sister bags for something fun to do on their two nights away.

INSULATED CUPS  Fun, themed, practical, and reusable these 3.99 cups from T.J. Maxx are a fun little gift that keeps on giving.


Customize this for guys, girls, price points, and the themes of your choice.  It is so easy and so fun to give and they look forward to them almost as much as the baby!  Enjoy and Pin me!


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