One Direction Birthday Party


Yes, this is One Direction birthday party….for my 3 year old.  The girl can’t help who she likes.  When she hears a good beat, the girl can’t fight the feeling.  Harry Styles is her favorite band member for reasons unknown and he is also her imaginary friend.  Yes, even though he is real.  This isn’t Pinterest beautiful.  It was 3 year old FUN!  It was everything I knew she would love.  Here she is girls (and a few secure boys).

The Invites

I had these customized on Etsy and I adored them!  They were edited towards the end to remove all of our personal info which is why there is a band of white at the bottom. They were vintage toned and made to look like concert tickets.  She loved them and this Etsy seller was awesome, flexible, professional, fast, and creative!  Love her stuff. Check out her invites you can print at home. I bought an 8 dollar ream of paper at Staples (where I do all of my invite printing) and opted to do all the cuts myself. Do you know what that means? 20 invites printed on card stock in color for $2.80 and I have enough paper from one ream to last me until both my girls are 10!



One Direction Balloons of each member and ones of the whole band.  I got these at Valentine’s Day and deflated them and had them re-inflated for her birthday. One Direction party supplies are near IMPOSSIBLE to find so I knew I had to buy them when I found them. 2.50 each.  Did you know you can easily deflate a mylar balloons with an ink pen and use it later?  Let your friends borrow them and pass them around to each other.  Mylar balloons are 6-10 dollars EACH before you pay to inflate them with helium that is SO high right now.




DIY ish One Direction Birthday Cake

On Etsy, you can buy pretty much any edible image you want and have it customized.  When your daughter wants a certain band’s faces on a cake, it’s pretty much the only option and for 8.50, you can’t beat it.  ANYONE can put on an edible image.  You literally do it like sticker: peel off the back and stick it on.  You can cut/trim it with scissors just like paper, too.  Pretty great.  You can have a personal image turned edible on Etsy as well.


Of course she got to eat the Harry face.


Party Tip For Little Ones
Instead of trying to scoop ice cream for a million kids, offer ice cream sandwiches or ice cream “popsicles”. It’s way easier on everyone and the kids like getting something they usually don’t get to have.  Also, do you have a lot to feed?  We had 50 adults and children at our party and we called in 10 hot and ready Little Ceasars pizza for 5 dollars each.  Our pizza bill was 53 dollars which means, we fed 50 people for almost exactly a dollar per head.  Can’t beat it and kids love it!



One Direction Temporary Tattoo Station

For 3.50 I bought 50 One Direction tattoos and all the kids had fun wearing them and putting them, as you can see,  where ever they wanted.




Stadium Cups and Party Favor (-ish)

Reusable stadium band member cups for the kids to drink from at the party and for them to take home. There were 8 different styles in all different colors.


DIY Celebrity/Character Pinata

I found only one One Direction pinata and it was 40 dollars (empty) and had to be shipped from Europe.  Yeah, no.   I bought a pinata that had a large surface on it from Hobby Lobby with my 40 percent off coupon.  Then I bought a cheap teeny bopper magazine with a One Direction pull out poster and traced the shape of the pinata on to the poster, cut it, taped, and boom, One Direction pinata for 16 dollars.  We did the pinata instead of goodie bags and it was so much fun.  Lots of kids filled their stadium cups with their candy.


Candy mayhem.
If you do a pinata around a holiday, you can stock up on the holiday themed candies in the clearance aisle the week after the holiday. I was too slow this time to get the Easter clearance candy but I assure you, kids don’t care if there is a bunny on their Snickers. It tastes the same sliding down.

461 (2)
I AM….

I am (insert age) shirts can be bought on line at Old Navy for 8.94.  Look how sweet she looked =0)


5-in-1 Inflatable

What makes an inflatable even better?  A CD playlist of ALL of my toddler’s favorite songs playing on the speakers while they played in the bounce house with 2 basketball goals, obstacle course, and an 18 foot slide.  If you are local, I can recommend a great rental place that is WAY cheaper than using party businesses.  They had a blast!  It was fun for kids AND adults!



Thanks to Shelly Griffin Photography for the 350 perfect, memory catching photographs!  See her work here. 


  1. I love this party! You are so so creative ! Making your own piñata with a poster… Genius ! I would have never thought of that ! It was a very fun birthday party from the music to the giant blow up jump around slide down machine ! We had a blast! Happy Birthday Eden ! You deserved this awesome party cause you are such a sweet good kid ! You are lucky you have such an awesome mommy with such great ideas !

  2. thefirsthundred says:

    Kristie – I just wanted to say that you are the coolest Mom ever. I love how creative you are on a budget, but it looks like no expense has been spared! Also, it’s awesome to have Shelly there to take pics. She does a fab job!

  3. Sarah Padgett says:

    Ok…so, you deff know all the shortcuts, and the cheapest way possible. You totally should be a wedding/party planner! Are you for hire?!? J/k
    Your pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing your life with us!

    • thefirsthundred says:

      thanks! actually i did use to plan weddings. i’ve done a bit of everything: cake decorator, counseling, home decorating (you’ll see my entire house before and afters one room at a time in the near future), wreaths/felt bouquets, felt hair accesories….i sort of dabble in lots of creative things. creativity is my jam and i’m type a so i hate spending money so they make a good team. haha =0)

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