Big Sister Hospital Bag

I want Eden to feel special on the day that Salem is born so I came up with the idea to make her a “Big Sister Bag or “Big Sister Hospital Bag”.  Originally, I had pictured this bag to be full of things to “get her through” the hour or so she may have to wait in the hospital waiting room while I’m in labor, but I realized that really, this bag is perfect if she will be waiting at the hospital or it’s just as good to keep her busy and feeling special at her grandparents during our hospital stay.  Whether I go in to labor in the middle of the night or during the day when Eden can be there, this bag will be her best friend until I deliver her a real human one ;0)  Or at least I’m hoping she will like her….

To start, I got her a cheap reusable bag with Minnie on it and I let her pick the bag herself.  She doesn’t realize what it will be used for yet.  Then I bought a few things and filled the bag with the contents below:


1:  Big Sis Pj’s to go to bed in at her grandparents.

2:  Yo Gabba Gabba bath toys she can play with at the hospital and for bath time while away.  She has never seen Yo Gabba Gabba toys so she will flip her lid.

3:  Yo Gabba Gabba coloring book for using and sharing in the waiting room with her cousins.

4:  Snacks to help her survive the wait.  She will be ecstatic when she sees snack size Nutella.  Nutella is her favorite!  I’m going to add juice boxes to this bag as well.

5:  “No David” Book…a book she loves but we didn’t own until now.  On the inside it says, “To Eden Love Mom and Dad, Given to you on the day Salem was born in your Big Sister Bag.”  I’ll add the date later.

6:  Hand Sanitizer to keep her germ free-ish for meeting her sister and of course, for counter acting against the disgusting hospital floors she’ll be playing on.  Cringe.

7:  Gum because she loves it and can share it with other kids in the waiting room.  I got a dessert flavor.  It will change her life.

Sooooo, it’s a simple bag filled with things that will excite her, make her feel special, and pass the time wherever that time may be spent.  You can make this bag as expensive or as cheap as you want and customize it one billion ways.  She is going to love it so much that I’m a little sad that I won’t get to see her reaction.  ;0)

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  1. thefirsthundred says:

    gotta figure out a way to get people to comment here and not on facebook… =0)

  2. This made me almost cry. So sweet. She is going to be the best big sister! THis is a great idea!!!

  3. meagan Reynolds says:

    this is great!!!! she will love it!

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  4. Love this idea! 🙂 She’ll love it!

  5. Great idea!! She will love it–love the big sis jammies and snack size nutella. Can I have a bag?

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